Magnesium Shavings

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Fire-Fast Magnesium Shavings for Critical Weather Situations. These shavings are used when it has been raining for days or the vegetation is under snow pack. Tinder and kindling that is water saturated is very difficult to ignite. Fire-Fast Magnesium Shavings will help get a fire burning when all else fails.

  • Shavings are 95% pure magnesium.
  • Each tin is 7 3/4" by 5" by 2".
  • Protection from wind and rain are essential in bad weather conditions.
  • Tin contains three resealable bags of magnesium totaling 7oz net weight.
  • Never burn magnesium indoors.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Never extinguish burning magnesium with water. Explosive hazard.

This magnesium is mostly heavy shavings. Fine shavings burn out very quickly and are not effective in starting a fire when water saturated tinder and kindling are your only material. Heavy shavings are more difficult to light, but when ignited will burn for a long time at a high temperature. This sustained and prolonged burn allow you to light a fire in extreme weather conditions.