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Urban Survival Clean Hands

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In response to Covid 19 many companies have stepped up to make various products outside their own wheelhouse, to help provide for the immediate public need. At Fire-Fast we saw a demand for Urban Survival.

Not only is it vital to have the proper tools for outdoor survival, it is also necessary in a more urban setting to have the correct means to keep your body clean and healthy.

Fire-Fast presents the beginning of our URBAN SURVIVAL line. The first product we are releasing is called CLEAN HANDS. This is an alternative to harsh hand sanitizers. Fight germs and bacteria with natural ingredients, instead of chemicals and alcohol that dry out and damage your skin.

As with our fire starters this product is top of the line and includes many natural herbal extracts that promote immune strength, with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

A small pump of the bottle (don’t need much) will give you all you require to achieve CLEAN HANDS. And if that’s not enough we provide the recipe to turn this product into a full-blown hand sanitizer by adding rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) to it.

CLEAN HANDS is a waterless cleanser, so you can also take it with you in the great outdoors to keep your body clean and moisturized.