Basic Instructions For Lighting A Fire

Basic Instructions For Lighting A Fire

The Kamper , Trekker, and Fire Fly fire starters have five parts: 1. European Ferrocerium Rod 2. Military Grade Magnesium Rod 3. Hardened Steel Striker/Scraper (sharpened), 4. Hardwood Handle, 5. 550 lb, 7 strand core paracord.

Starting any camp fire needs some beginning steps. First make a safe fire pit and gather tinder, kindling and larger fuel.

Take the Fire Starter and grasp the wood handle. Grab the striker and use it to scrape off magnesium shavings into a small pile. Take the tinder and place above the pile of magnesium. Position the ferro rod next to the magnesium plie. Take the striker and use a fast-downward stroke against the ferro rod and shower sparks into the magnesium. This will ignite your tinder. Feed your fire gradually with more tinder, then kindling and larger fuel (cut branches etc.).

Complete video instructions are available on our website.

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