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About Us

We began as a classic “Mom and Pop shop”. Started from nothing, developed on a shoestring budget, began to add employees and evolved into what we are today.  We're a true “Made in America” story.

Our intention was to make the best, most superior fire starter possible.  We researched and settled on only the best quality components necessary to make the ultimate fire-starting tool. We could have gone cheaper, but we were unwilling to “settle” for second best.

We needed to make a tool that was rugged and would stand up to abuse.  It could be exposed to different weather conditions and keep on working.  Additionally, we wanted to create a tool that was reliable and easy to use: so easy that a kid could make a fire.

We researched and discovered that there are different qualities of flints. (See article Austrian vs Chinese Flint). As a side note there are no flints manufactured in the USA.

 We discovered that there are different grades of purity of Magnesium, and that the purity affects ease of use.  (See article on Magnesium)

We recognized that in wet weather emergency situation there might be a need for dry tinder, so we obtained a grade of hardwood that was high resin and could easily be scraped for shavings to assist in getting your fire started.

And lastly, we knew we needed to provide a striker that would be far more effective than using your knife or a hack saw blade. 

We put all of these components together, and we have what stands before you today, the Fire-Fast Firestarter.  Rugged, dependable, reliable.  Capable of lighting a fire in wet conditions, snow, or cold without a lot of fuss and muss.  Virtually waterproof (Check out our water test!).  And it is made by us, right here in America.

That’s our story, hope you like it.