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A quick look at history shows that we live in a turbulent world.  At a moment’s notice, everything can change.  We have witnessed this very fact with the corona virus.

Our inspiration comes from Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts. The Scout Motto is: BE PREPARED.  At Fire-Fast this means two things: TOOLS and SKILLS.

We want to help you prepare for the disruption the world can throw at you.

It’s sensible to look ahead and take precautionary measures.  By acquiring a functional fire starter and the skill to use it, you’ll be one step ahead.

We’ve created the best fire starter you can buy: it’s reliable and easy to use even in cold or wet conditions (read our reviews here). Whatever situation you find yourself in, a Fire-Fast fire starter will easily light a fire time after time.

By making fire starters we are not predicting the end of the world or societal collapse, we’re just saying: the future is a safer place with working tools and skills.   BE PREPARED.


We use industry best quality components:

The EUROPEAN FLINTS (Ferro Rod, Ferrocerium) are made in Austria.  Austrian flints generate an intense shower of hot sparks, enabling you to ignite a fire, often with one strike.  You have to try it to believe it! (See article “Chinese vs Austrian flint”).

Our 95 % PURE MAGNESIUM burns at 5000 degrees. Using our striker, you can scrape off fat shavings without difficulty, making it easier to start a fire in damp or wet conditions.

The AFRICAN HARDWOOD HANDLE is virtually waterproof. It provides an easy, firm grip essential to reliable fire starts, especially with gloved, cold or numb hands. Also, wood shavings can be scraped off with the striker and used for dry tinder - in an emergency.

Our HARDENED STEEL STRIKER is much stronger and more durable than a hack saw blade, and much easier and safer to use than your knife. It generates sparks, shaves magnesium and wood.

The 550 lb. SEVEN STRAND CORE PARACORD we use to attach the striker prevents its accidental loss.

Once you use a Fire-Fast fire starter you’ll never want to use any other. And we make them right here in the good-ole USA.

What Our Customers Say

Yeah, y’all go ahead and do yourselves a favor. Grab this fire steel, I can finally start a fire here in the rainy Pacific North West where everything is soaked.

Abenator / Amazon Customer

I don’t know when I’ll need to buy another striker, but when I do, I just want another on of these. This this throws off Sparks like nobody’s business, and due to it’s size, is a great striker for kids to learn with. I’m impressed! 

Owen / Amazon Customer

We’ve used this at 2 scout camping trips and was easily usable by the scouts to meet their fire starting requirement. Awesome tool and stood up to plenty of abuse as 10+ kids used it to start individual fires.

Bnezzy / Amazon Customer

Perfect combo and perfect size. I’ve tried 20+ others and this is great! Great for camping, BSA fire starting training, or just as a backup in any emergency prep bag. 

J Row / Amazon Cusotmer

I have tried out various firestarters and by far this performed the best. I always keep lighters with me but this will perform well in an emergency. 

CG / Amazon Customer

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