Compare and Contrast Austrian vs. Chinese Flints

Compare and Contrast Austrian vs. Chinese Flints


IRON (Fe)  20%,


NYLON  17%,
COPPER (Cu)  4%,
ZINC (Zn)  3%,
IRON (Fe)  22%,
MAGNESIUM (Mg)  31%,
ALUMINUM (Al)  5%,
LANTHANUM (La)  9%, 
CERIUM (Ce)  7%, 



The tables above compare and contrast the components in Austrian and Chinese flints. Even a glance shows a vast difference from one to the other and these differences result in strong or poor performance results. Most tellingly the Austrian flint, which Fire-Fast uses exclusively, contains 76% Rare Earth Metals. By contrast the Chinese flints contain 16% Rare Earth Metal.The Rare Earth Metals are what causes the hot spark and without a large content the Chinese flint fails to function well. Bizarre components in the Chinese “ferro rods” are Nylon and Polypropylene – these are both types of plastic for a combined total of 19%.

At Fire-Fast we use the best flints this planet has to offer so you get the best fire starter money can buy. And do not doubt it, where the rubber meets the road, Fire-Fast has your back.

Is it any wonder that the best performing ferrocerium (ferro) rod on the market is made of the finest components?

The Chinese flints look almost identical, on the outside, to the real thing. It’s easy to be fooled. One sure way to tell is low price – a quality flint, containing a large quantity of Rare Earth Metals is expensive.

The last place you want to be fooled is when you’re in the cold dark of night on the trail and the only thing standing between you and frigid night is your fire starter. You want a Fire-Fast fire starter – the one you can rely on to see you through easy times and hard nights.


  • Em

    Just bought 2 of these. Totally underrated product!!!

  • Todd Peachey

    Saw this article awhile back and tested your rods vs some cheap ones I had bought over the years. The difference was amazing. Your rods put out a lot more spark with a lot less effort! Thanks for the education!

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