Trekker Twin

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The Trekker Twin. Two Trekkers Plus an Extra Magnesium Rod. These are Superior Quality Emergency Waterproof Survival Fire Starters. The Ferro Rod is 96% Ferrocerium, the Magnesium 95% Pure. The Striker (Scraper) is High Carbon Tempered Steel. The Hardwood Handle is Waterproof. First-Rate Construction Makes these American Made Fire Starters Durable and Long Lasting. This fire Starter makes Four Times the Spark and Heat Compared to a Conventional one.

 The additional Magnesium Rod has a Key Ring. It is easily carried with you and can be scraped for extra mag.

The Trekker Twin discounts both Trekkers by $2.50 each and adds a $5 magnesium rod at no charge. This results in a discount of $9.95.