How to use a Fire Fast fire starter: Standard Technique.

How to use a Fire Fast fire starter: Standard Technique.

  • 1. To start a fire, hold the striker firmly in your dominant hand, gripping it at least halfway down its length. Hold the fire starter in your other hand at a steep angle, with the nose pressed firmly into the tinder material. Position the striker at the top of the flint (near the base of the handle), maintaining a 45-degree angle. Press the striker against the flint and grind it with consistent firm pressure. Note that it's safe to hold your fingers within half an inch of the flint surface, where the sparks are generated. Keep grinding the striker along the flint, producing sparks. Direct these sparks accurately into the tinder material, such as dry leaves, grass, or thin twigs. Repeat this motion as needed until the tinder catches fire. This is STANDARD TECHNIQUE.

  • 2. If you're unable to ignite the fire using the standard technique alone, proceed to the next step. Utilize the standard technique to scrape shavings of magnesium from the rod. Collect these magnesium shavings into a small pile and place them beneath the tinder. Direct the sparks and heat from the flint into the pile of magnesium shavings. The sparks will ignite the magnesium, generating intense heat that can ignite the tinder. Once the tinder catches fire, add more tinder and larger twigs and so on to establish a self-sustaining fire.

  • 3. In situations where dry tinder is scarce or unavailable, use the standard technique to scrape wood shavings from the handle of the fire starter. Continue scraping until you've gathered a substantial amount of dry tinder. This process may require 15 to 20 minutes of effort, but it's crucial to collect enough wood shavings, especially in challenging weather conditions.

  • 4. Common mistakes to avoid include not holding the striker at a 45-degree angle to the flint. Remember, the correct angle is directed away from your body, not toward it. This angle ensures that all sparks and heat generated are directed into the tinder. If you're not getting sufficient sparks, check your angle or adjust the pressure. Avoid rolling your wrist, as it can change the angle. Maintain the 45-degree angle from top to bottom, using a consistent grinding motion with even pressure.

    5. Important notes: Mastering the skill of creating dry tinder, even in extremely wet conditions, is essential for successfully starting a sustainable fire. Prepare all necessary materials, such as gathering brush and chopping wood, in advance. Wind can be a disruptive factor, so make sure to prevent your gathered tinder, magnesium shavings, or wood shavings from blowing away. Provide effective shelter from wind and rain to establish a sustainable fire in adverse weather conditions.

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    Summary: By following these clear and detailed instructions, you'll be equipped to effectively use the Fire Fast fire starter and successfully start a fire in various conditions.

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