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I want to pay my respects to the UNKNOWN AMERICAN WORKER. Our culture and tradition is one of hard work and high quality products. I found a great example of this while walking in my local neighborhood. There is a contractor stamp in the cement of the sidewalk on my street. This cement was laid in 1927 by G. W. Ellis, Contractor. I googled him but could find no record online.

The sidewalk is in good shape. Obviously G. W. Ellis used quality materials and construction procedure. His sidewalk has endured 95 years. It has survived earthquakes, settling ground, sun, rain and a century of vehicle damage. Remarkable.

We owe a debt of gratitude to all hard working honorable people and specifically the men and women working for G. W. Ellis. I wonder if any of them imagined that their diligence and effort would still be in use long after their own lives had run their course. I want to believe that Mr. Ellis knew he was building for the centuries and was a proud American.

Hard work and good products have been and are foundations of personal and national success.

The UNKNOWN AMERICAN WORKER has carried us on their backs for centuries now. It's our time to shoulder the burden, so that we and future generations are proud of and rely on us. The beat goes on....

Peter & Vera,



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