Trekker Tracker

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The Trekker Tracker combines our best selling Fire-Fast Trekker with a durable compass set in the base of the hardwood handle, 13 feet (woven) of 1000lb paracord (Titan Survivor Cord) and an emergency whistle manufactured by the American Whistle Corporation.

The compass was selected from 6 different brands which were placed in a rotary tumbler for 24 hours. This compass was the only brand to last for a day without any damage.

The paracord is 15 strand core: one is Kevlar, one Fishing Line, one Jute and 12 nylon strands. Pictured as it comes with the fire starter and unwoven. In an emergency cut the knot, unwind the cord and 15 separate strands (each 13 feet long) can be separated from the outer sheath and used for survival purposes.

 The Whistle is an important addition to any trip into the great outdoors. I was told by a veteran of search and rescue operations that he had never recovered a person who could speak! They had blown out their vocal cords, by yelling for help,long before they were found. A whistle is essential equipment.