Trekker rated #1 by Outdoor Life Magazine

Trekker rated #1 by Outdoor Life Magazine

Recently the Fire Fast Trekker survival fire starter was reviewed by Outdoor Life Magazine (online edition), saying, “If you’re looking for a ‘survival grade’ spark rod, this is it.” See full review. Outdoor Life’s conclusion was, “This product [Fire Fast Trekker] receives my top recommendation on our list.”

The reviewer for Outdoor Life Magazine, expert survivalist Tim MacWelch, Founder and Head Instructor at Advanced Survival Training can be found here. If you are looking for survival training you will not find a better team to enhance your skills.

At Fire Fast we’ve worked hard to make a superior line of products, from the Trekker survival fire starter to the Kamper Lanyard to the featherweight Fire Fly. Many other brands simply fail to function easily when put to the test. Recently at a trade show my 10 year old granddaughter picked up a Trekker for the first time and after 45 minutes practice achieved a first strike fire start!

The advantages of owning a Fire Fast fire starter are many.  1. No moving parts. 2. Durability. 3. Waterproof. 4. Ease of use in cold temperatures. 5. Tinder and accelerant (magnesium) in one unit. 6. Made in America.

Many groups of people use our fire starters: 1. Preppers put them in a Bug-Out-Bag. 2. Campers, hikers, backpackers, hunters etc. use fire starters as a backup source of fire in the event that weather turns bad. 3. Folks who live in earthquake or disaster prone areas include them in their emergency kits. 4. People who are concerned with survival preparedness realize the ability to make a fire is extremely important. 6. Those looking for cool gadgets.

We’ve sold our Trekker survival fire starters in all 50 states, Canada and Australia to folks who have many different reasons for wanting them. Our pledge to you is that this fire starter is the tool you will want in times of desperate need, or when in the great outdoors just having fun.

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